Flower Seeds Canada: Top Varieties for Your Blooming Garden

Flower seeds are the key to creating a colourful, vibrant, and diverse garden that can brighten up any outdoor space. By planting a variety of flower seeds, Canadian gardeners can enjoy an array of beautiful blooms that not only look stunning but also attract beneficial pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to their gardens.

There’s a multitude of flower seed options available in Canada, from annuals that burst into bloom for a single season to perennials that return year after year and spread gradually across the garden. Choosing the right flower seeds will depend on factors such as climate, soil conditions, and personal aesthetic preferences. However, the most important aspect is selecting seeds that thrive in Canadian weather and growing conditions, ensuring a successful and rewarding gardening experience.

When purchasing flower seeds, Canadian gardeners should pay close attention to factors like growing zones, planting requirements, and the expected height and spread of the plants. This information is crucial to ensure that the selected seeds are well-suited for your garden and space constraints. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the time to maturity and bloom, as this will affect the overall appearance and cohesion of your garden.

With countless flower varieties available, selecting the perfect seeds for your Canadian garden can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour. We’ve spent ample time researching and testing various seed options, narrowing down to a curated selection of flower seeds that will flourish across Canada and bring joy to gardeners and nature lovers alike.

Top Flower Seeds in Canada

As gardening enthusiasts, we’ve curated a list of the most beautiful and hardy flower seeds available in Canada. Discover our top picks to create the perfect garden oasis.

Canadian Flower Seed Mix

A beautiful selection of flower seeds perfect for Canadian gardens that brighten up any landscape.


  • Wide variety of flowers
  • Suited for Canadian climate
  • Easy to sow and maintain


  • Limited quantity per package
  • Some flowers may not grow in all regions
  • Potential for mixed results regarding germination

We recently tried out the Canadian Flower Seed Mix in our garden, and we must say that the assortment included is quite impressive. The package contains a delightful mix of perennials and annuals that bring a burst of colour and life to any outdoor space. We appreciated that the seeds are specifically tailored for the Canadian climate, making it an excellent choice for gardening enthusiasts from coast to coast.

In our experience, the seeds were easy to sow and care for, following the instructions provided on the packaging. However, as some regions in Canada vary greatly in terms of climate, it’s possible that not all flowers included in the mix will thrive in every area. We also found that the quantity of seeds in the package was somewhat limited, so it might be a good idea to purchase multiple packages to cover a larger area.

It’s important to manage expectations when it comes to germination, as we noticed that some seeds took a little longer to sprout, or didn’t sprout at all, possibly due to varying factors such as soil type, sunlight, and watering. Despite this, the majority of the seeds germinated successfully and added a lovely touch to our garden.

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Canadian Flower Seed Mix for anyone looking to enhance their garden with a vibrant array of flowers and enjoy the natural beauty Canada has to offer. Just be prepared to potentially need additional packages and have some patience as the seeds grow.

25 Packs Sachets Flowers Varieties Heirloom Seeds

THUNDERBAY-GBSE flower seeds

We highly recommend these THUNDERBAY-GBSE flower seeds for a diverse and beautiful garden in Canada.


  • Heirloom, 100% Non-GMO seeds
  • High germination rate (over 95%)
  • Indoor and outdoor planting options


  • Limited perennials included
  • Package may contain more annuals than expected
  • Actual seed count might vary

Upon opening our package of THUNDERBAY-GBSE 25 Packs Sachets Flowers Varieties Heirloom Seeds, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of flower seeds we received. These seeds come with a detailed instruction guide, making it easy for beginners to start their gardening journey.

We found that these 100% Non-GMO heirloom seeds were compatible with our Canadian soil, and we could replant the seeds after each harvest without any concern. The high germination rate of over 95% impressed us, and we noticed our flowers start to sprout quite quickly.

It’s worth noting, though, that the package contained a majority of annual seeds with only a limited number of perennials. If you are looking for more perennials, you might need to purchase additional seeds from other sources. Additionally, the actual seed count in our package seemed to vary but did not impact the overall gardening experience.

Overall, we believe these THUNDERBAY-GBSE flower seeds are a fantastic investment for Canadian gardeners looking for a diverse range of flowers to cultivate in their gardens. Just be prepared to buy some additional perennial seeds if you prefer more perennials in your garden.

Limitless Growth Edible Flowers Seed Pack

Edible Flowers Seed Pack

We believe that these seeds are a fantastic investment for those looking to add flavour and beauty to their garden and meals.


  • Grow your own edible flowers
  • Non-GMO, ethically grown seeds
  • Canadian seed company, suitable for Canadian climate


  • Some seeds may not grow
  • Experimentation with indoor vs. outdoor usage
  • Intensive care to ensure proper growth

As gardening enthusiasts, we recently used the Limitless Growth Edible Flowers Seed Pack, and it brought a delightful variety of Canadian wildflower seeds to our garden. What excited us most about this product was the opportunity to grow edible flowers that can add unique flavour and decoration to our home-cooked meals.

Moreover, we appreciated the fact that these seeds are non-GMO and ethically grown in Canada. The company’s dedication to sustainable practices put our minds at ease and made us feel good about our choice. Additionally, as the seeds are specially designed for the Canadian climate, we were confident about their compatibility with our local weather conditions.

However, we did face some challenges while using these seeds. Firstly, not all of them sprouted successfully, but that’s a common issue when dealing with seeds in general. Secondly, we had to experiment with both indoor and outdoor growing conditions to find the optimal environment for each variety. Lastly, these wildflower seeds do require constant attention and care to ensure healthy growth and abundant blooms.

In conclusion, purchasing the Limitless Growth Edible Flowers Seed Pack was a rewarding experience for us. It allowed us to integrate beautiful and flavourful flowers into our garden and dishes. If you are open to experimenting with growing conditions and ready to commit to the care they require, we highly recommend giving these seeds a try.

Oh! Canada Seeds Canadian Wildflower Seed Mix

Canadian Wildflower Seed Mix

A splendid choice for those looking to cultivate a diverse and beautiful Canadian wildflower haven that attracts pollinators.


  • Premium blend of 19 native Canadian wildflower varieties
  • Suitable for harsh conditions and drought resistant
  • Generous seed mix covering 750-1000 square feet


  • A bit pricey
  • Some users report mostly white flowers
  • Limited information on individual seed germination rates

We recently tried the Oh! Canada Seeds Canadian Wildflower Seed Mix in our garden, and we were impressed by the diverse blend of 19 native flower varieties. This mix brought a lot of life and colour to our garden, as well as attracted pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. We appreciated how the mix included annuals, biennials, and perennials, offering different blooming periods and bringing life to our garden for years to come.

Considering we often experience harsh weather in Canada, one of our concerns was how the mix could handle these conditions. Thankfully, this seed mix showed resilience in cold, heat, and drought, ensuring that our garden continued to flourish despite the sometimes unpredictable Canadian climate. We also loved how the generous seed mix coverage transformed a considerable portion of our garden into a wildflower haven, making it suitable for garden borders or even creating a lovely meadow.

However, there were a few downsides to the Oh! Canada Seeds Wildflower Seed Mix. Some of us found the product a bit pricey, and a few users mentioned that their garden ended up with predominantly white flowers. Additionally, there’s limited information on the individual seed germination rates, which would be helpful for those looking to gauge expected results.

Overall, for those who want to enjoy the beauty of native Canadian wildflowers, this Oh! Canada Seeds mix is definitely worth considering. It adds life and colour to your garden, attracts pollinators, and demonstrates resilience against Canada’s harsh weather conditions. Just be prepared to potentially invest a little more than you might have planned, and accept the chance that some flowers might not bloom as expected.

Crazy for Cosmos Flower Seed Mix

Crazy for Cosmos Flower Seed Mix

We highly recommend the hua xian zi Crazy for Cosmos Flower Seed Mix for its easy growth and vibrant variety of colours, though flowering time may vary.


  • Wide array of captivating colours
  • Easy to grow with no extensive maintenance
  • Adaptable to various climates and soils


  • Some flowers might bloom later than expected
  • May require staking for tall plants
  • Deadheading needed to extend blooming time

We tried out the hua xian zi Crazy for Cosmos Flower Seed Mix, and it definitely met our expectations. The mix contains a multitude of wonderful cosmos varieties that bring a lively symphony of colour throughout the blooming season. This delightful mix has instantly become one of our favourites, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Planting the seeds was a breeze, as they are adaptable to different soil types and can grow in full sun or partial shade. They germinated in just a few days, which was very satisfying to see. The plants required minimal care from us; however, we did add a general-purpose fertilizer once or twice during the growth process. Besides, remember to deadhead the old blooms to ensure flowers all summer long.

While some flowers bloomed at different times in our garden, we appreciated the continuous bursts of colour from the Crazy for Cosmos mix. The flowers are indeed show-stoppers, ranging from solid colours to eye-catching multicoloured and candy-striped varieties. We especially loved the effect these colourful cosmos had on our garden, giving it an enchanting touch that kept us mesmerized all season long.

Overall, the hua xian zi Crazy for Cosmos Flower Seed Mix was an absolute joy to grow in our garden. With its vibrancy and low-maintenance care, it has become a must-have addition to our flower beds. Experience it for yourself, and brighten up your garden with this enchanting flower mix.

Buying Guide

When looking for flower seeds in Canada, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure we get the best product for our needs. In this section, we will outline the key features to look at when selecting flower seeds.

First and foremost, it’s essential to choose the right flower for our specific region and climate. Canada has a diverse range of climates, so it’s important to select a flower that will thrive in the particular area where we’re planning to plant. Research the hardiness zone and care requirements of each flower variety we’re considering.

The quality of the seeds is another crucial factor. High-quality seeds provide better germination rates and stronger, healthier plants. Look for seeds that are certified, tested for germination, and pathogen-free. We should also pay attention to the freshness of the seeds by checking their expiration date.

Planning for Colour & Bloom Time

When selecting flower seeds, consider the colour palette and bloom time. By selecting a variety of flower types with different colours and blooming periods, we can ensure continuous colour and interest in our garden throughout the growing season. Consider planting some early, mid-season, and late-blooming flowers to keep our garden looking vibrant.

Seed Type: Organic vs. Non-Organic

Consider whether to opt for organic or non-organic seeds. Organic seeds come from plants grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, while non-organic seeds may be treated with chemicals. Both seed types have their benefits. Organic seeds can contribute to a more sustainable gardening practice, while non-organic seeds often offer a broader selection of flower varieties.

Packet Information

When purchasing flower seeds, it’s crucial to carefully read the seed packet. The packet contains valuable information about the flower variety, planting instructions, and care requirements. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided to ensure the best growing conditions for our new flower seeds.

By considering these factors, we can confidently select the best flower seeds for our Canadian garden and enjoy the beautiful blossoms they produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best quality flower seeds in Canada?

We recommend local family-owned garden centres and nurseries as they often carry high-quality seeds sourced from trustworthy suppliers. Additionally, reputable online retailers such as Vesey’s Seeds and West Coast Seeds offer a variety of top-quality flower seeds suitable for Canadian climates.

Which Canadian stores have a good variety of flower seeds?

Many stores offer diverse flower seed selections, including chain retailers like Home Hardware and Canadian Tire. Garden centres, independent nurseries, and stores that cater to gardening enthusiasts also carry a wide range of flower seeds. Online retailers, such as OSC Seeds, Halifax Seed, and Stokes Seeds, provide a vast selection of varieties and ease of access to customers across the country.

Can rare and unique flower seeds be purchased in Canada?

Yes, rare and unique flower seeds can be purchased in Canada. Many specialty nurseries and online retailers offer a selection of uncommon flower seeds suitable for various growing conditions. We recommend exploring websites such as Seed Bank, T&T Seeds, or Richters for rare and distinctive flower seeds.

What is the best time to plant flower seeds in Canada?

The best time to plant flower seeds in Canada varies depending on the region and type of flowers you wish to grow. Generally, the ideal time is during spring after the last frost, between April and June. Consult seed packets or local gardening centres for specific planting recommendations, as individual species may have unique requirements.

Are there any Canadian restrictions on mailing flower seeds to the US?

Yes, there are restrictions on mailing flower seeds between Canada and the United States. Before shipping seeds, ensure you comply with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations, which often require a phytosanitary certificate and customs declaration. Regulations may vary depending on the specific type of flower seed being shipped.

Is it more cost-effective to grow flowers from seeds in Canada?

In general, growing flowers from seeds can be more cost-effective than purchasing pre-grown plants. Seeds are relatively inexpensive and allow the opportunity to grow a larger quantity of plants at a lower cost. Additionally, growing flowers from seeds often leads to healthier, more robust plants capable of withstanding Canadian weather conditions.